Foresta de Lumiere
The Grand Wedding of William & Nadine

Foresta De lumiere

The one question that most of us can relate to, whether we’re single or in a serious relationship is “how do you know if you’re marrying the right person?” Especially when you two are the complete opposite.
Do you actually believe in “Opposites Attraction ? ‘
But research aside, we all know those couples who seem as different from each other as night and day, yet surprise everyone—including themselves—by going the distance. You know the type: He’s a loud jock and she’s a quiet bookworm, or he’s a geeky homebody and she’s a social butterfly, yet they’ve been staring heart-eyed at each other for years and onto infinity.
William is very outgoing, outspoken and enjoys hanging out with crowds, super spontaneous—can hop on any bus and get off at any stop and call that an adventure,
Nadine in the other hand, is introverted, sweet and enjoys one on one connection with people.
What makes them a great couple is that one’s weakness is the other’s strength. They balance each other out, so it’s a win-win for them. Despite their differences, they get to discover more because they are both open to trying out new things when adjusting to the other. Their differences make them grow both as individuals and as a couple.
It’s even better, because through each other, they can enjoy much of the different ways the world actually works.
And at the end of the day, when you marry the right one, it will be the beginning of a marriage made in heaven, your world will light on every single day. The theme chosen ,The Foresta De Lumiere, is a wish that their togehter lives will shine beautifully in many many years to come.
The Grand Wedding of William & Nadine

Organized by yours truly : Fairytale Organizer
Venue : Shangrila Surabaya
The Holy Matrimony : Gereja katolik St. Yakobus 
Decorator : Sion Decoration
Conceptor : Nuansa Stylist & Conceptor
Lighting, sound & multimedia : Lasika
Animation : D'Factory
Syncrolink System : Stage Ware
Social media creator : Devoue Media
Photographer : Loxia Photo
Videographer : Loxia Video
Photographer : Encasa Photo
Photobox : Bliss Photobooth
Pagar ayu : D'Tale Pager Ayu
Special effect : Bloom Special Effect
Wedding cake : Angies Cake
Make up artist : Felicia Sasongko
Groom’s hair stylist : Madass by Ndaru
Wedding gown : Lily Sasongko Designer
Robe : Chen Meylinda
Hairpiece : Leciel Design
Suit : Agus lim
Invitation : Blooming Days Studio
Calligraphy Details : Meili Fluous
Menu Card : New Fanda Print
Pouch Souvenir : Yusuf Joel
Barcode system : Pentamoo
Tableware : Se.meja
Special performance : Belle Balet

Master of Ceremony
VJ Daniel
Patricia Gouw
Edric Tjandra

Special Guest Stars
Angela July
Lea Simanjutak
DJ Freya

Music Arrangement by
Stradivari Orchestra

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